Been with Art all my life now. Watching various documentaries on Artists of late, had a few people approach me to do interviews and make some films with Myself as the subject- soon to be added here. I usually think that I would be the guy behind the camera making films of and about others. Its flattering to be the subject.

One thing to illustrate here for posterity is this simple "rule" ( a word I really dislike.)- lets call it an urgent suggestion. If ever, when ever films are made about my paintings, drawings or films- PLEASE, Cheesy piano music is simply not, repeate not my vibe! I'm a Funk Guy ! Afrobeat like Tony Allen's "Hustler",  everything By Fela from 1965-1977 will do. "Darkest Night", "by Night Dub" Darkness Dub" by Kieth Hudson are way way up there. Classic era Hip hop is good too- I mean way way back: Grandmaster Flash, Fearless Four. Psychedelic era Stones, Stone Roses, Digable Planets. Please get it right! Otherwise- haunt you I will. Best of luck.  Remember Sex Machine! Get on up Get in To it, Get Involved! Funkadelic! Pulsing with life! This is the subject of my work! This is what i'm maintaining! Don't let me down! Much apprieciated.

Much Love.

Raymond Dumas Jan, 2018.